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Samba with me
Samba with me

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Turn me on
Turn me on
Caught red handed
Caught red handed

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About Yasmin

While your friends were writing “learn a new language” on their 2018 resolution list, you decided to do something different and learn to dance samba. Although it wasn't until October of that same year that you wrote to Yasmin to teach you in Samba with Me, the truth is that it has been the best decision you could have made, and of course one of the best experiences in VR Trans Porn that you have lived. The first time you heard her say "muito gostoso" in your VR headset you couldn't help but feel that heat run through your crotch, it excited you to imagine seeing her naked rubbing her huge penis with yours, licking her nipples while you masturbated her big ass, and you fucked in the cowgirl position. And Yasmin knows that if she wants her students to move their hips like her, it is important to motivate them with a good, wet blowjob. We all have dreamed of being movie stars. The fame, the attention, the money, the travel, the parties, everything, and even if it's hard for us to admit it, we all would like to have 5 minutes of fame. Or in Caught Red Handed 57 minutes of fame with Yasmin and Luiza Silva. On the night you were awarded the Oscar for best actor, these two Brazilian Trans hotties told you it was time to go to their private party: a threesome in Shemale VR Porn that will make you feel grateful for who you are, and anals. As if we had read what you asked Santa, two days after Christmas Eve we published Turn Me On, a VR solo scene with Yasmin. Needless to say, seeing her banged her rock hard ass with a dildo was all you needed to see in your Oculus Quest 2 to enjoy on VirtualRealTrans with her. Maybe since you met Yasmin you have not practiced your movements of hips, have not perfected your Portuguese, but it has given you thousands of reasons to always have your "me time" with her.
Gender Female Trans
Date of birth 30/10/1993
Country São Paulo
Eyes color Brown
Hair color Black
Blog / Web
Bust 95
Waist 62
Hips 90
Penis size M
Piercing Yes
Tattoo Yes

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