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If you want to enjoy the best VR Trans Porn on your Playstation, you are only a few steps away.

In less than 5 minutes you will learn how to watch VR Trans Porn with PSVR and you will also be able to enjoy it on your game console.

How to watch VR Porn on PSVR

If you already have a Virtual Real Trans account and want to use your PSVR to watch porn, it's very simple. You currently have two PSVR porn App to watch porn on your Playstation. (Compatible with PS4, PS4 Pro or PS5)

watchvr free psvr porn app


PSVR porn without Littlestar

playstation vr store Playstation store
Totaly FREE
No USB nedeed
Only Streaming
  • 1 Go to "My Account" and click on the "PSVR Streaming App" tab.
  • 2 Write down or remember the URL. Eg: (
  • 3 On your PSVR install the FREE WatchVR app.
  • 4 Click on the "Add" button. Type the URL and then click "OK".

Once you open this channel you will see all our videos and you will be able to stream them.

Littlstar psvr porn app


playstation vr store Playstation store
Premium account
Downloaded content
  • 1 Download our videos from a PC or Mac
  • 2 Copy them to a USB device in a folder named Littlstar
  • 3 Plug in to your Playstation system.
  • 4 Open Littlestar RAD. Go to Library.


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