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Private Session
You've got a call
You've got a call

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About Raianny Duarte

How likely is it that just the year you decided to go to your first Singles Party in 2019 you have met Raianny Duarte? In Shemale VR Porn, very likely! The truth is that when you saw her big brown eyes, her brown sugar skin, her long legs, her beautiful big tits, her rock hard ass, and of course, her sweet smile, you imagined what it would be like to live an adventure with her in VirtualRealTrans. Neither of you could bear to leave the party to begin this experience of PSVR Porn. Who can resist being able to feel her hard nipples, masturbate her big cock, fuck her in the missionary position, hear her moans of pleasure? For that reason, you two decided that this debut was on the terrace of the house. An excellent place for your first time. We all know how difficult the 2020 lockdown was, especially the part about having to work from home. However, this was not an impediment to your secretary, Raianny Duarte, to keep working harder and harder every day. Of course, on Secretary's Day you wanted to give her something special for her day, and for being the best lover you have ever had in VR Trans Porn: a dildo that she could enjoy making a vr solo scene in You've Got A Call. Since just reading this you are getting hard, and your Oculus Quest 2 are by your side, why don't you enjoy your "me time" with Raianny Duarte?
Gender Female Trans
Date of birth 06/03/2000
Country Brazil
Eyes color Brown
Hair color Black
Blog / Web
Bust 95
Waist 64
Hips 93
Penis size M
Tattoo Yes

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