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Thanksgiving Anal in VR Trans with Pietra Radi

November 26, 2020

Thanksgiving Anal in VR Trans

Thanksgiving Anal in VR Trans with Pietra Radi

For this year’s Thanksgiving celebration, you want to take your VR girlfriend, Pietra Radi, in a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Your plan is going well when the stunning brunette gets mad at you for not joining her for dinner. Pietra didn’t suspect that something is up, and is utterly surprised to see you at the door, holding a bouquet and a small gift

Lovely Pietra doesn’t waste any time at all in showing her gratitude for the surprise you planned for her. Immediately she gets on top of the table and offers you her sweet ass. Who can resist the temptation of stuffing this beautiful babe? She fucks your ass in missionary position before letting you fuck her again cowgirl style. And Pietra rides you until she cums on your belly, then jerks off your cock until you release your cum, as well. 

Some may be scared to try out anal because it is still considered as social taboo while others may feel uncomfortable letting someone fuck them in their pooper.  When it comes to anal sex, lubes and toys are your closest friends. Being on top can also help beginners get used to anal. Cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions are good options because they allow the receiver to control the depth, rhythm, and angle of penetration

Thanksgiving Anal in VR Trans with Pietra Radi

Thanksgiving Anal in VR Trans


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Thanksgiving Anal in VR Trans

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