Pornwood is what’s new in VR Trans

April 01, 2020

pornwood trans

We would like to tell you that as time goes by, it will be easier to remember the moment you felt that curiosity and decided to watch a video of a Trans girl in VR Trans Porn. The way you felt some kind of desire going through your body and you couldn’t stop touching yourself. Sadly, that sort of technology hasn’t been invented yet. Until we did! It’s time you know that Pornwood is what’s new in VR Trans. 

We can’t tell you the winning number of the lottery. But we can assure you, sooner or later a moment will come: you are sitting on the sofa, start feeling the need of using your Oculus Rift, want to go on VirtualRealTrans to enjoy a video of Natalie Mars and as soon as you start unzipping your pants, you feel absolutely…nothing.

That desire of feeling a bursting heat between your legs, of slowly masturbating till cumming; that won’t be there anymore. Whether we want it or not, erection dysfunction is the only thing we can be sure about. 

There’s no need in telling you how much we love real sex, and that it doesn’t have to be left aside when you reach that age when you prefer playing bingo with your friends in Florida. That’s the reason, together with helping you living again that feeling of an animal in heat, VirtualRealHub has created Pornwood; pills which will make you feel like a teenager again. 

Particularly, they will make you and your partner pick up the Kama Sutra again. 


pornwood trans

In case you didn’t realize before, today is April Fool’s Day. And you know we can’t miss this celebration. Even though we don’t want to dig into a VR Sex pharmacist side, we wanted to take the opportunity to talk about another taboo: sexuality in older people. Is it possible? Is it healthy? HELL YEAH!

Pornwood is what’s new in VR Trans and the next big thing!

Once it’s checked there’s no cardiovascular disease or anything related to the bones, there’s no harm in touching the hair, caressing the back, kissing the neck and making your partner know it’s time for the afternoon delight. 

Taking some kind of pill for male virility and have some sex toys to go with a virtual reality trans adventure will make you see that, despite being over your sixties, you can still discover new sexual experiences. 

If you can help your mental health as well as having fun in a different way, then you’ll be able to replace your gym classes with something you can do without going anywhere. And you can do it with a 45% off for a lifetime. 



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