Intense Holiday in VR Trans with Amanda

December 17, 2020

Intense Holiday in VR Trans

Intense Holiday in VR Trans with Amanda Fialho

Join the irresistible VR Trans babe Amanda Fialho in filling her house with the holiday spirit. The beautiful Latina bombshell decorates the Christmas tree when she suddenly feels a bit horny. Amanda can feel the holiday spirit flowing through her veins. She can’t help but be aroused as she decorates her house. Would you like to join Amanda in an early Christmas celebration?

Amanda touches her hot body as she films the decoration she has done so far. She feels satisfied with how the Christmas Tree looks. The naughty Brazilian can’t help but touch herself as she feels pleased with what she sees. As a little reward for herself, Amanda starts to play with her big tits and cock. Not wanting to end the fun with simple masturbation, Amanda brings out her black dildo and slides it in and out of her bum. She lies on her back and bends over as she jerks off her cock. The beautiful Latina keeps on fucking her ass and jerking her dick until he cum all over herself. 

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Intense Holiday in VR Trans with Amanda Fialho

Intense Holiday in VR Trans


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Intense Holiday in VR Trans

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