Doggy in VR Trans with Kimber Lee

May 07, 2020

Doggy in VR Trans

Doggy in VR Trans starring by Kimber Lee.

You have always wanted to be part of the Armed Forces of VirtualRealTrans. Maybe, one of the hardest things when you joined this brigade as captain was being away from your lover, Kimber Lee. After so long apart, you both met again in a hotel room (to keep your relation a secret, of course). As soon as you saw her full lips and her voluptuous body, you couldn’t wait for the room service to come to feel her penis.

As soon as you saw her, the first thing you thought was “It’s so good to have Kimber Lee back in VR Trans Porn”

It’s like no time had passed between you. She still likes you to slowly undress her, play with her nipples and touch her body.

You? You like feeling her tongue on your cock, watching her masturbating while she’s in cowgirl position and listening to her moans while she’s in doggy style.

Somethings will never change in virtual reality trans.

Even though you know you have to go away again form Kimber lee, you’re sure you’ll always have this last shag in transsexual VR Porn. 

Doggy in VR Trans with Kimber Lee

Doggy in VR Trans


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Doggy in VR Trans

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How often do you update with new content?

Also can we get some 69 girl on guy scenes?

October 16, 2020 10:17 am

Hi, joemo16, we normally publish new videos every 2 weeks. But, sometimes every week, like we’re doing for this month. Hope you keep enjoying our site.


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