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About Jeffrey Lloyd

At just 23 years old, this Czech gay porn actor has made more than 100 movies that have made your "me times" more enjoyable. From bondages to bottom barebacks, Jeffrey has shown that there is always a way to get horny. Randy Blue was the production company that discovered this European twink in 2016 at his native Czech Republic. Obviously his 7.3 inches cock size, 1.80 cm tall, and his incredible six pack remained on everyone's mind. In 2017 he starred his first VirtualRealGay experience with Thomas Friedl to show us a great moral: It is never too late to learn something new. In Thomas's case, his dream of swimming came true thanks to Jeffrey's freestyle and blowjob techniques in Swimming Trainer. After having made Friedl's dream come true in his swimming classes in vr xxx, Lloyd also wanted to put his own dream into practice: become a famous drummer. So this European gay porn actor bought on Amazon the whole equipment necessary to start his classes. After 20 minutes he realized that he didn't have as good rhythm as he imagined, but he did have a lot of talent using his stick in a VR solo scene in Play On the Beat. Almost a year after his debut on VR Gay Porn he tried his luck with Colombian gay porn actor Bastian Karim in St. Patrick’s Raid. Lucky for this hot latino his wild night celebrating this day did not end in jail but with a lesson from Jeffrey fucking his rock hard ass. What we have learned from 2020 is that every day we have to celebrate as if they were the last. We already knew this before, and for that reason to celebrate our 3rd Anniversary we decided to make a threesome as hot as their protagonists. Jeffrey Lloyd, Jonas Jackson and Mickey Taylor were in charge of making the story of The Secret of the Butt-ler so fantastic that we had to see it on loop, for obvious reasons. If you want to make a good joke, you have to plan it very well. For that reason, Nick Vargas planned every detail of the prank he would do to his boyfriend, Jeffrey Lloyd. Just that same year, he saw the Pornwood commercial on television, for erectile dysfunction, and decided to put a pill in his breakfast. What not Vargas imagined is that the effectiveness was so fast that the only solution to helping him was fucking in the kitchen on April Fool’s Day Candy. It goes without saying that this European gay porn actor deserves the best. So his boyfriend wanted to give him his first apartment. Jeffrey was so surprised that decided to give him something: a video of him masturbating in a VR solo scene in My New Apartment. If you need more reasons to fall in love with this hottie, subscribe and see his hot VR dancing video available only to VirtualRealGay users.
Gender Male
Date of birth 07/07/1997
Country Czech Republic
Eyes color Brown
Hair color Brown
Blog / Web
Penis size M
Tattoo Yes

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