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Natalie Mars

Natalie Mars (4 scenes)

Gender Transgender
Date of birth 02/02/1984
Country United States
Eyes color Blue
Hair color Auburn
Penis size M
Bust 90
Waist 65
Hips 93
Blog / Web


It is surely one of the American Transsexual porn actresses best known, not only for her beauty or talent but also for her social activism with the LGTBQ+ Community, and is that Natalie Mars is one of those people that once you know her, you cannot forget her.

If you search her on Google, you will surely find the long list of awards that she has won since it began in 2015 in the porn industry. Like the awards XBIZ and AVN to best transsexual actress of the year, or the Transsexual Erotica Award to Best Hardcore Model, and Best Internet Personality. But, we remember her for her first VR solo scene in 2018 she did for VirtualRealTrans where she showed that more than being a box of chocolate, life is a box full of dildos that have to be tested one by one until you get to feel the most pleasant of orgasms in A Doll and Other Toys.

On our first trip to the United States, we not only got to see Natalie playing with her rock hard ass and her penis in a hot smoking vr nude scene, but also feel her lips to make you the wettest of the blowjobs in My Girl’s Sister, where is bombshell besides sharing scene with Dante Colle also found that they both like to do the doggy style.

A year after having gone to the United States, we returned to do among others VR Porn adventures on our sites, our LGTBQ + Celebration: VR Hotel. Where in each room of this hotel you were going to find a new way to satisfy your pleasures. Of course, Mars couldn’t miss this get together. In VR Hotel III she will offer you a very particular and sensual room service licking your penis and pleasing your desire to feel her big sized cock on your ass. Undoubtedly, Natalie is very good at giving her customers the best experience in Shemale VR Porn they can ask.

For that reason when you had a confusion with the hot American Transsexual porn actress, Lena Kelly, her solution was to give you both a gift from the hotel: dildos so you could use them in a threesome full of orgasms.

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