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Marcelle Herrera

Marcelle Herrera (2 scenes)

Gender Transgender
Date of birth 22/08/1997
Country Brazil
Eyes color Brown
Hair color Auburn
Penis size M
Bust 90
Waist 65
Hips 93
Blog / Web


There is a powerful reason why never leave Brazil: Marcelle Herrera. At 23, she is one of the most famous Brazilian Transsexual Actresses, and especially one of the most wanted in VirtualRealTrans. And if you have not met her yet, go unbuttoning your jean, connect your PSVR Porn, and get ready to have multiple orgasms.

More than learning to value your work, in Private Outtakes you had the opportunity to get to know your coworker more in depth, Marcelle Herrera, and the model of the day, Bellatrix. Of course after a long day at work, the three of you decided to relax with a threesome by the pool, and with a cumshot that left all of you wanting to work together again.

It was obvious that this Brazilian Transsexual Brunette would not end her stay in Shemale VR Porn just like nothing. After all, see her measurements 90-65-93 in the Oculus Quest 2 it is something that we would all like to experience on loop. For that reason, that same year we invited her to fulfill another fantasy that involved stockings and sexy lingerie. A Wife to Die For is the dream of every person who imagines having a wife like Marcelle Herrera: trips to paradisiacal places, incomparable experiences, celebrations in style, and of course, fuck in all the positions that make you scream with excitement.

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