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Karina Abelha

Karina Abelha (1 scenes)

Gender Transgender
Date of birth 18/08/1995
Country Brazil
Eyes color Brown
Hair color Blond
Penis size M
Bust 83
Waist 90
Hips 61
Blog / Web


Even before the chaotic year that was 2020, in October 2019 we had a somewhat… different Halloween celebration. As you always decided to do your trick or treat annual until you arrived at the apartment of Karina Abelha, and instead of giving you sweets, she offered you an adventure in VR Shemale Porn fucking her rock hard ass.

You barely opened the door you saw this Brazilian Transsexual 1.70 cm tall wearing a mask, holding a plastic knife with one hand, and with the other hand she was playing with her erect penis. This start in Monster Cock was the invitation to enter her house, and do what you had always imagined doing with a well gifted brazilian T-Girl as Karina. From that moment on, you decided to visit her every October 31 on VirtualRealTrans.

Are you ready to eat her candies?

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