Trans Girlfriend VR masturbation by Paty Cameron

enero 30, 2020

Trans Girlfriend VR masturbation

Trans Girlfriend VR masturbation starring by Paty Cameron.

You take very seriously reading every day. You don’t care about the genre or the synopsis; there’s always something to learn in books. From botanica in Portugal to finding the G spot. You can say you are quite miscellaneous in this sense. Luckily for you, from all the things that could excite your girlfriend, Paty Cameron, watching you reading a book is right what makes her feel desperately want to start a new adventure in VR Trans Porn.

You heard about sapiosexuals and knew that your passion for Capote and Hemingway was the first thing about you that got Paty’s attention. Even though you usually do the same, she can’t help but start masturbating when she sees you with a book in your hands.

From all the experiences you’ve lived and, of course, read on VirtualRealTrans, you already know that when Paty Cameron starts giving you a blowjob and sits by your side to feel your cock in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions, is time to finish your reading break.

You can never underestimate the power of a good book and a cumshot in your girflriend’s mouth after a blowjob.

Trans Girlfriend VR masturbation scene with Paty Cameron

Trans Girlfriend VR masturbation


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Trans Girlfriend VR masturbation

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