Sensual Jacuzzi in VR Trans with Mariana Mattos

diciembre 02, 2020

Sensual Jacuzzi in VR Trans

Sensual Jacuzzi in VR Trans with Mariana Mattos

You are chilling out with your hot VR girlfriend, Mariana Mattos, in the jacuzzi when the irresistible TS babe suddenly becomes horny. The warm water, sweet fruits, and white wine are making her all hot and tingly inside. Mariana teases you with her stunning figure in black bikini before reaching out for your cock. She gives you a sensual and sloppy blowjob until your rod becomes stiff and hard. Are you ready to receive Mariana’s passionate love for you?

Mariana is quick to slide your shaft into her tight ass. She rides you in the cowgirl position, savouring the intense sensation of your manhood stretching out the depths of her butt. Mariana jerks off as she rides up and down your junk. Wanting to experience the fullness of what you have to offer, Mariana leads you to the bedroom. Mariana’s moans fill the room as you take turns fucking each other in the ass until you both cum

Sex in a jacuzzi and hot tub is not for all. The strange sensation of making love in the water can be a huge turn-on for some, but others may feel a bit uncomfortable with it. Like all kinds of sexual activity, jacuzzi sex comes with a risk, especially if it’s done without taking any precautions. One of the most common mistakes beginners do is thinking water is an effective lubricant. Water does not have the properties of lubes that acts as a film or barrier that reduces friction. 

Sensual Jacuzzi in VR Trans with Mariana Mattos

Sensual Jacuzzi in VR Trans


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Sensual Jacuzzi in VR Trans

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