Orgasm in VR Trans with Janny Costa

June 10, 2020

Orgasm in VR Trans

Orgasm in VR Trans starring by Janny Costa.

You can’t still believe its your first anniversary with you girlfriend Janny Costa. And it’s true, when you are having a good time, time flies. For you two this year has been full of amazing moments you would like to repeat over and over in VR Trans Porn rather than bad ones. Even though you would have liked to follow your original plan of organizing her a surprise trip, you had to improvise a little. Still, her way to thank you left you speechless and wanting to celebrate the occasion in the only way you know: with an orgasm.

As any other person, you had to adapt your ideas to the circumstances. Then you thought about getting her favorite flowers and a “Happy 1st Anniversary” banner. You couldn’t have thought Janny would love so much these small details. And that is precisely what you most like of her; the fact that she really appreciates the small things.

She started caressing you very slowly until reaching your zip, took down your pants, started licking you, playing with your hard cock and rubbing her rock-hard ass against you to feel that heat between her legs.

She then sat on you in cowgirl position so you could pinch her hard nipples and didn’t stop moving her hips back and forth. You could feel her masturbating while you were in doggy style until she finally laid on the sofa, you touch your cocks and came in emotion.

Very often, the improvised adventures in virtual reality trans sex are the ones you always to want to repeat.

Orgasm in VR Trans with Janny Costa

Orgasm in VR Trans


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Orgasm in VR Trans

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