Amazing missionary in VR Trans with Victoria

September 08, 2020

Amazing missionary in VR Trans

Amazing missionary in VR Trans starring by Victoria Prado.

You’ve had a rough week at work so, when your girlfriend, Victoria Prado, sent you a text to let you know she would finish early her shift in VR Trans Porn bar, you rushed to finish yours too and go meet her. Without having to tell her anything, Victoria knew that, more than one of her famous drinks, what you really needed was relaxing every single muscle of your body. Since there was nobody around, she came closer to you and whispered in your ear. “Let’s go take advantage of nobody being here”

You can’t hide it. As soon as you got there, your girlfriend knew you’ve had very stressful days. Truth is, she knew a martini would be the perfect answer, but she also wanted to do something she had been thinking about since the first day she started working as a bartender: an anal in Trans Porn VR.

She unzipped your pants and slowly went down to give you a very wet blowjob. As soon as you felt her tongue running through your cock, you couldn’t help but grabbing her hair so she would do it rougher. You realized that really turned her on and Victoria sat on top of you so you could fuck her rock-hard ass in reverse cowgirl position.

Your girlfriend was right, in no time you had forgotten all your worries. Especially when Victoria Prado told you to lay down to do cowgirl position; not without feeling your cock inside her in missionary position.

You couldn’t remember if you had hung up the “closed” sign on the door, but that didn’t matter anymore since you had already had the best orgasm in Shemale VR Porn.

Amazing missionary in VR Trans with Victoria Prado

Amazing missionary in VR Trans


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Amazing missionary in VR Trans

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