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Cowgirl in VR Trans

Cowgirl in VR Trans with Bruna Castro

Cowgirl in VR Trans starring by Bruna Castro. You’ve got to where you are with effort and dedication in your job. And that means in many occasions you’ve devoted more time to your professional life than the personal one. Still,

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Hot Offer + 15 Extra Days!

Hot Offer + 15 Extra Days in VirtualRealTrans! If there’s something we’ve learnt during this “2020 a new episode of Black Mirror” is the ability the human being has of making the best of each situation. For each negative circumstance

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Full sex in VR Trans

Full sex in VR Trans with Nathalia Castro

Full sex in VR Trans starring by Nathalia Castro. You, more than anybody, understand those moments full of demotivation. Being writer means have either moments of great inspiration or those when you aren’t able to write a single word. Today,

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We’re the best Trans VR Porn site on!

It’s Pride Month, and we’re all celebrating here at VirtualRealTrans. We’re happy to promote diversity and acceptance, as we’ve always been there for everyone in the LGBTQ+ community. We worked with a lot of amazing Trans models from the very

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Orgasm in VR Trans

Orgasm in VR Trans with Janny Costa

Orgasm in VR Trans starring by Janny Costa. You can’t still believe its your first anniversary with you girlfriend Janny Costa. And it’s true, when you are having a good time, time flies. For you two this year has been

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LGTBQ+ Portada video

LGTBQ+ Pride Month Instagram Lives

Get on board with our LGTBQ+ Pride Month Instagram Lives! We always say it, we wouldn’t be anything without the actors and actresses we work with. And the relation goes beyond the moment the cameras stop shooting and we post their new

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Threesome in VR Trans

Threesome in VR Trans with Caroline and Jessica

Threesome in VR Trans starring by Caroline Martins and Jessica Rodrigues. You had been waiting for that moment. When you met your partners at VirtualRealTrans Big Fucker show Caroline Martins and Jessica Rodrigues, you couldn’t stop fantasizing about licking their

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VRT Masturbation Week

A discount and a FREE gift for Masturbation Week!

A discount and a FREE gift for Masturbation Week! May is here. This year, celebrating the May the 4th Be with You has been different too. It’s a hard situation for everybody, and still you find the way to tell yourself

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Hot VR Trans solo

Hot VR Trans solo with Kimber Lee

Hot VR Trans solo starring by Kimber Lee. It’s great to be back home. After a long time away, Kimber Lee just wanted to take off her uniform, lay down in her comfy bed (clean sheets feel so nice) and

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Doggy in VR Trans

Doggy in VR Trans with Kimber Lee

Doggy in VR Trans starring by Kimber Lee. You have always wanted to be part of the Armed Forces of VirtualRealTrans. Maybe, one of the hardest things when you joined this brigade as captain was being away from your lover,

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